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Pharmacogenomics Testing and Precision Medicine

In 2018, 23andMe received FDA approval to market a pharmacogenomic test that examines eight different human genes. This test will be obtained without a doctor’s order and will give the consumer information on how he/she metabolizes 50 prescription and OTC medications. FDA is saying, “buyer beware.”

Should pharmacogenomic tests be available to consumers without a physician’s order or healthcare professional’s involvement in test interpretation?

2 thoughts on “Pharmacogenomics Testing and Precision Medicine

  1. Newt Gingrich has given us a blog post about pharmaceutical breakthroughs involving gene therapy that are in the pipeline. He calls this time in medicine the ‘third wave’ of disease breakthroughs (moving toward more cures). By 2020 it is expected that there will be nearly 200 gene therapy-related NDA’s (applications for new drug approvals) sent to the FDA PER YEAR! The feds better start interviewing for more staff. 🙂 Newt cautions that our country needs to preserve this pharmaceutical track of innovation at all costs. Do you agree? See the link below for more information.


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