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We are what we eat, right?  Nutrigenomics is an upcoming  field of research that will give us more information about how our food can positively (or negatively) affect our health.

Did you know that our genes are connected to our nutrition?   In the future we will learn more about which nutrients, in what amounts, are needed to keep our genes healthy.  Now, that’s exciting and better than just depending on recommended daily intake values.

Do Americans get enough information on nutrition to make wise choices about the foods they eat now?  Why or why not?

One thought on “Nutrigenomics

  1. The dynamics of nutrition seem to change by the day. Turn on the TV and everything from vitamins to fad diets do little to inform us of what is “real.” Personally, I find it confusing and more so if you are a parent of how to serve food with quality value. I see our new generation of kids with so many health issues. Perhaps it is the food we eat and serve, and agree our genes have a real effect too. Good to see, Dr. Cathy, that you have begun exploration into the nutrigenomics sciences. All the best on your adventure!!!

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